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How do I transfer my website files to my hosting account?

If you are moving away from a host who does not have cPanel, then the only way to move your site is by uploading and downloading the files manually with a tool such as FTP. You can also request a .CSV or .SQL backup of your databases. You need to contact your soon-to-be-ex hosting company for detailed instructions.

If you are moving from a host who uses cPanel to another cPanel account, please follow these instructions:

  1. Login to your cPanel and click the "Backup" icon.
  2. Click the "Download or Generate a Full Backup" button. This will backup all of your email accounts, files, and MySQL databases.
  3. Leave the drop down on Home Directory and be sure to have a valid email address in the second box. Leave the remaining boxes empty.Click the "Generate Backup" button and wait for an email confirmation to arrive.

    Congratulations, you have backed up your entire site and it is now time to restore your site at your new account.
  1. Open the email which confirms your backup. Inside it tells you the name of your backup file.
  2. Upload your back up file into the public_html directory of your  new web hosting account.
  3. Open a ticket with the tech support team and request a cPanel restore.  We need to know the name of your backup file, and please tell us the file is saved in your public_html directory.
  4. Wait for a reply from our support team that the task is complete.
  5. Once we reply, you can check out your website on network by updating your host file. To make the site 100% functional, you must change the nameservers of your domain to the name servers we provided in your welcome email.
  6. All done! You may repeat this process for any more sites you wish to move.

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